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"True Love" w/ Flower Tattoo Rubber Gloves

  • $ 4.00

TRUEGLOVE represents the premium gloves for the trendy housewives.
We offer housewives a chance to turn dull housework into a bright adventure.
Even the most risk averse women could imagine themselves sporting a tattoo for an hour or so.
Design of gloves is created by iconic tattoo artists. The range is constantly updated with new works.
The unique packaging TRUEGLOVE is designed in the concept of a womens magazine which makes them an ideal gift.

Gloves themselves are the product of the latest research in non-latex materials and are made of high grade nitrile. They are manufactured by a Japanese company SUMITOMO RUBBER GROUP.

Thin nitrile white tattooed gloves are without cotton lining for increased dexterity when food and dishes handling.

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